11.12.12 | Plan Ahead

You’re hurrying upstairs and eagerly anticipating every note of the concerto . . . but you and your best friend had time for just a small salad before the concert. It’s only 7:10 but your teenager is already complaining that dinner wasn’t enough. You spied that carrot cake on your way out of the elevator—a few minutes before the curtain for Act I—and can’t pass it up. It isn’t too late to rectify these situations, and it won’t take you a lot of time. Before you go to your seat for the show, place your order at Intermezzo or the Stage 5 Bar. Let us know what you want—dinner, dessert, appetizers, wine, and more—and when you’d like it. We’ll have it ready on time and waiting for you either at intermission or after the performance. So plan ahead, take advantage of the fast service, and stay awhile right here.