Krannert Center volunteers

“We need these things today to brighten our future.”

Herman and Ellnora Krannert knew that the arts could change the world. We know that it takes an entire community banding together to fulfill their vision to create a vibrant hub where everyone can gather to share and grow. Without volunteers like you, we couldn’t provide a space for innovative dreamers to explore new intersections of expression, for teachers to reveal to youngsters the many layers of the human spirit, and for all of us to experience mind-opening, up-close moments.

If you are currently attending the University of Illinois, you can become a part of the Krannert Center Student Association (KCSA), a registered student organization, or see what the group’s like first by heading out with the street team for the Krannert Center Ambassadors. Anyone can join the Krannert Center Community Volunteers (KCCV) since only enthusiasm for the arts matters for membership. People in these groups serve as ushers, conduct tours, prepare bulk mailings, help at info fairs, dance in flash mobs, spread the word about our events—and anything else they have the energy and willingness to take on.

For more information about KCCV volunteer opportunities, email Krannert Center’s outreach director or call 217/244-0549. For information about student volunteer opportunities, email KCSA, call 217/333-3550, visit KCSA online, or head to the KCSA Facebook page.