Life can be hard to manage. On days when we’re juggling schedules and traversing the twin cities (or the campus or the countryside) multiple times daily and emailing projects while making dinner and doing laundry simultaneously, we get distracted, discombobulated, disjointed, disconnected.

Get recharged. Embrace a fresh perspective. Remember what matters.

Let’s unclench from this hectic lifestyle together by exploring where and how the arts intersect with our experiences. When we collaborate, the journey feels easier, the gifts are more meaningful, and the joy grows deeper.

Join us for interactive events that will fit into your comfort zone or push you to grow beyond it. Step into deep conversations with orchestra conductors, engage in discussions with people who know as little as—or a whole lot more than—you do about Hamlet, sit in on a workshop about drumming, or listen to a world-class dancer describe her secret love of chocolate.

We’re always creating new activities and new ways to make connections. You may already know about the noon Interval concerts, the end-of-the-work-day releases that are 5pm Traffic Jam performances, and our Afterglow musical series that kicks off right after evening shows.

For a more intimate setting for investigation, try out one of our conversation events. You’ll be face-to-face with directors, conductors, actors, dancers, musicians, and Krannert Center experts who will share, unearth, examine, and wonder at the arts along with you.