With its comprehensive services, Krannert Center is nationally recognized as a welcoming space. It was designed for complete wheelchair accessibility a full two decades before most other public buildings were functional for wheelchair users, and we continue to update our services and facilities to better serve the entire community.


Accessible parking spaces are available on all levels of Krannert Center’s underground garage and are located close to the elevator lobbies. Four spaces (one in each color-coded lot) accommodate vans (and one in Yellow is designated as a van-only space), and two others (one in Green and one in Blue on the south side of the building off Oregon Street) will fit a car. Each elevator lobby has an accessible exterior door, and near each elevator is a button for usher service if assistance is needed.

Building Entry

ADA-compliant entrances can be accessed at street level from either the north side of the building via Illinois Street or the south side of the building via Oregon Street. From Oregon Street, take the ramp up to the exterior doors of the Lobby. From Illinois Street, take the ramp to the upper level of the parking garage (Orange) and follow the designated pathway to the elevator lobby. Use the usher button located near the elevator if assistance is needed.

Easy-Access Seating

In addition to accessibility by wheelchair, all theatres have seats with easy access. Ushers are also available to assist you around the building as well as from the parking lot to your theatre seat and back again. Buttons for usher service are located in each elevator lobby. If you would like easy-access seating—such as a wheelchair-transferable seat, one that can be reached via a few stairs only, one that can be reached with no intervening stairs but a lengthy walk—please contact the Ticket Office at 217/333-6280 (TTY: 217/333-9714) to discuss the best option to meet your needs.

Vision and Hearing Services

Large-print or Braille programs are available on request, and we will gladly provide audiotaped versions of our brochures, calendars, and other printed pieces. An ASL interpreter can be available for any performance, the four formal theatres have an infrared hearing system, and the Ticket Office may be reached through a text-telephone yoke (TTY) at 217/333-9714.

Contact Us

Please contact us at least three weeks in advance if you have a special need, and we will be glad to honor your request. For more information, contact our patron services director at 217/333-9716 (TTY: 217/333-9714) or