AandBC Theatre Company: The Tempest

AandBC Theatre Company: The Tempest

Thursday-Saturday, October 11-13, 2007, at 7:30pm | Tryon Festival Theatre, stage seating

Under a magnificently glowing moon the audience gathers, perched on oil drums washed ashore by the story’s shipwreck. Ethereal music fills the air and actors emerge from the darkness to speak, sing, and move among the audience in this astonishing reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece of transformation and forgiveness.

This imaginative vision of Shakespeare’s classic, full of intrigue and romance, is directed by the esteemed Gregory Thompson, the founder of AandBC, guest director at the Royal Shakespeare Company, and recently-named artistic director of the distinguished Tron Theatre in Glasgow, “who has been quietly creating spellbinding theatre for years now” (London Evening Standard). Thompson is perched on the fulcrum point between the centuries-long tradition of Shakespearean devotion to text and the urgent needs of our own moment for re-imagined meaningful experience. Thompson and company hold true to every line of Shakespeare’s text while using each performance’s unique physical environment to reveal an entirely new and surprising power. AandBC’s production has played in castles, courtyards, and the middle of a rainforest, enveloping audience members with Shakespeare’s riveting prose and memorable storytelling.

Tickets for this performance are currently unavailable, but you may join the waiting list to receive priority for any tickets that are returned. Some single tickets may still be available, please call the Ticket Office at 217/333-6280 for more information. Please visit the calendar page for additional performances of this production.