Kronos Quartet with Wu Man, pipa
A Chinese Home

Kronos Quartet with Wu Man, pipa
A Chinese Home

Thursday, January 28, 2010, at 7:30pm | Tryon Festival Theatre

With Kronos Quartet and Wu Man blazing the way, we’ll travel back 100 years to mountainous, isolated Anhui Province. A Chinese Home, a staged work with video for string quartet and pipa directed by Chen Shi-Zheng and co-commissioned by Krannert Center, will peek into the Huang family dwelling that had been abandoned in China. The landmark deconstruction and rebuilding in the United States of this late Qing dynasty dwelling and its contents serves as the point of inspiration for this exploration of Chinese music and culture.

Like the Huang house, Kronos has had an incredible journey—and is still traveling. David Harrington, John Sherba, Hank Dutt, and Jeffrey Zeigler grab onto fresh sounds, incorporate ancient and classical music, mix in multimedia, and seek out new artists as they add to their astonishing collection of more than 40 recordings and 650 commissioned pieces that reach across the horizons of music.

Wu Man has already joined Kronos for Terry Riley’s The Cusp of Magic, and with musical curator David Harrington and composers/arrangers Jack Body and Jacob Garchik, she will interweave musical selections into A Chinese Home to mirror the cultural upheaval, rural sensibilities, and modern attitudes of China.

Sculpting this piece is Chen Shi-Zheng, the provocative director who has originated a genre by melting and molding music, opera, nationalities, theatre, film, dance, and cultures into indescribably stunning sonic and visual experiences like Monkey: Journey to the West.

The evening’s travels begin with Tan Dun’s epic Ghost Opera, a reflection on human spirituality through water, metal, stone, and paper and Chinese, American, Tibetan, and English cultures. Bach and Shakespeare meet Chinese shadow puppetry and ancient folk traditions, while Wu Man and Kronos Quartet embrace nature, the future, and the past.

Although this night will begin in your seat at Krannert Center, after such a journey, it will end up somewhere else, with you somehow different.

Please join us in the theatre following the performance for a talkback with the artists.

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