Promenade Spotlight

Lanky Cats from the Manhattan Toy Company

Resistance is futile. You are required to take us to your dwelling space or work zone. We originate from the Manhattan Toy Company but must be yours forever. The gray one is Georgie, the orange one is Goldie, and the black one showing a hint of belly is Ziggie. (But never mind. We don't respond to our names.) We hate to be separated, so that will be $42 please (okay, it’s $14 for only one of us).

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MO-SA: 10am-6pm
60 mins before performances
to after performances end
SU: Closed


For a treasure trove of eclectic shopping, drop by Promenade, our store right inside the Lobby doors. In addition to zany toys, hard-to-find cards, scarves, and a vast (and extraordinarily tasty) selection of chocolates and novelty candy, you’ll find Krannert Center gear, Mezzo Mugs, decorative items, high-quality jewelry, and many more fun and fabulous options for any budget.


Still stumped or unable to choose? CenterCheck gift certificates will solve your dilemma. They never expire, and they can be redeemed here and at Intermezzo, the Stage 5 Bar, and the Ticket Office too. They’re available for purchase anytime at Promenade and also through the Ticket Office and online.


You can’t beat the free parking on evenings and weekends—plus 30 minutes of free parking in the lower south level of the underground garage (on the Oregon Street side) on weekdays is the perfect amount for that lunchtime jaunt.

Thank You!

The proceeds from your purchases make it possible for Krannert Center to continue to bring spectacular artists to our stages year round. We appreciate your support.