The Square

Join us—and your family members, your neighbors, your colleagues, and your soon-to-be friends from across the street or across the country—here at the crossroads, for music in full color, for theatre in life’s context, for dance in all its dimensions—for understanding, wonder, and joy. You can eat, drink, be merry, shop—and a whole lot more!

Of course Krannert Center offers plenty of performances (more than 300 and counting each year), but more important is that we offer almost innumerable experiences. We’re just off the Quad, just off Lincoln Avenue, just off Kirby Avenue—just close enough to be convenient and just far enough out from the heart of campus to be a respite. You can plug in by meeting colleagues in the voluminous Lobby, by tapping into our free wifi, and by heading to a show. Or you can unplug by settling down at a table just off Stage 5, by sitting out in the Amphitheatre, and . . . by heading to a show (you can find ample acoustic options). You can take a free tour or grab a snack or just wander around downstairs to get a snippet from an upcoming musical act or a glimpse of the props for the next play. We have meeting space, study space, dining space, and just plain old space for you to stretch out in. Come on over.